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New Construction Clearwater FL and Marine Piling

Whether your project takes place on land or sea, this simple fact remains the same. Crafting a solid foundation is critical to ensuring the structural integrity of your build. Failure to properly install foundations is not only risky in a safe sense, but it can be catastrophic for finances down the line. Unfortunately, far too many contractors cut corners or look for shortcuts that are detrimental to your structures. At S&H our philosophy is straightforward. Take the time and care to do it right the first time. While it might be alluring to partner with contractors who promise exorbitantly low prices, you will most likely have to pay the piper in repairs down the line. With S&H, your investment today is money towards the prolonged lifespan of your build. 


As a certified South Florida contractor, our work often leads us to marine projects. We have experience building all types of different structures from boat lifts to overwater garages. While each project is an opportunity to create a build from scratch, clients can view our portfolio of builds that showcase technical skill as much as they demonstrate artistry. Your vision paired with our expertise results in a structure that you will come to love for years, guaranteed. 


If you’re new to water/waterways construction, you may find yourself asking “what exactly is marine piling, and what is its importance in the overall process?” While our team members will explain the process at length for you in person, here’s a brief overview of what the process entails. 


Understanding Marine Piling

As a highly regarded construction company in Cape Coral, clients and others with access to waterways are often curious about marine piling’s role in construction. It’s not unusual for those who are new to this type of construction to need extra guidance when it comes to this particular process. Fortunately, at S&H we always seek to inform and educate our clients so that they have the necessary context to make well-rounded decisions. With that in mind, if you’re wondering what marine piling is, you’re in good company.


To concisely summarize, marine piling is the process of setting deep foundations embedded into the bedrock that sits below sea level. Marine piling is pertinent to ensuring offshore or water structures have the necessary foundation to support larger builds. Flawlessly executed marine piling can make the difference between a structure that can withstand natural erosion and volatile weather and a structure that succumbs easily to the elements. 


The procedure of installing marine piling is intricate and requires the utmost attention to detail, especially when dealing with equipment like underwater drills. Not only do we know how to expertly install marine piling, but we can walk you through the common materials used in the process and give you our recommendations based on your budget, property anatomy, and other critical factors. As a certified dock builder Cape Coral and other South Florida residents can trust our marine piling service thanks to our years of experience


Building a structure in water is difficult to begin with, especially if it’s not handled by professionals. Here in Florida, we are faced with all types of volatile weather that can be very threatening to overwater structures. The key is to use the proper materials, and that begins with the marine piling process. While there are multiple types of materials used for marine piling, the key is to ensure these components have been water treated. Our water treatment helps protect against excess rust and corrosion which can easily threaten a structure’s integrity. 


Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks, which our team will walk you through before we begin the process. Regardless of what material we do ultimately implement in the marine piling procedure, we will ensure it undergoes the necessary treatments and preparations to promote longevity and safety. 


Marine Piling Services for Commercial and Residential Clients

At S&H West Coast INC, we are prepared and qualified to take on projects of all sizes. Our customers also range from business owners to single-family homeowners who are looking to add-on extensions of all sizes and purposes. We are also prepared to work with business owners who have strict regulations and guidelines to follow that dictate builds. This can change from county to county or even city to city. Fortunately, having worked all across South Florida, we are prepared to adhere to any regulations and will verify that all foundational structures are compliant with local code. 


When it comes to marine construction companies Tampa and other South Florida residents can trust that we have the knowledge and insight to safely install and build upon any marine piling. Not only can we construct structures from the beginning on, but we can also go in and rework or completely restructure any previous job that has been destroyed or compromised. If you’re not sure exactly where to start with repairs, our team is always happy to assess your structure or property in-person, and give professional recommendations that we believe will yield the best results, aesthetically and practically. 


A Customized Approach and Well-Structured Project Plan

Whether you see a build in our portfolio that you would like to emulate, or want to create something completely customized, we can give you the appropriate aquatic foundation to bring your vision to life. With safety at the forefront, we are here to ensure that your build, no matter how basic or sophisticated, has the right foundation in place.