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Boat Lifts and Other Marine Construction in Venice FL Services

If you’ve done any browsing and research on our website or social media accounts, you’ve likely seen that S&H West Coast offers a wide range of marine-based home services featuring docks, floating docks, and boat lifts. Many of these projects integrate with one another and depending on your vision, we can create a truly sophisticated build. We accommodate clients of all types, who are seeking a very specific vision. For many, that entails optimal convenience. That’s where our top-of-the-line boat lift builds come into play. An easy, effective, and smart way to revolutionize the way you take care of your boat.


Given the wide variety and models of boats, naturally, there are all types of boat lifts. These lifts range from straightforward to innovative, and they can be easily customized to account for the specifics of your property. This includes the type of dock or overwater garage to which they are connected. Fortunately, S&H West Coast Inc is capable of building the ultimate aquatic structure including everything from basic floating docks to sophisticated water garages. Our team can install any number of commonly utilized lifts like freestanding lifts, bottom-standing lifts, and suspended lifts. Each lift is typically best suited for a specific type of anatomy and boat prototype. Our S&H West Coast crew can walk you through these different types of lifts, ensuring you get the build that fits your practical and visual needs.


The Benefits of our Elite Boat Lifts and Dock Building Fort Myers FL          

If you’re new to the world of overwater builds, floating docks, and boat lifts, it can be overwhelming trying to decipher what exactly to put into your structure. While boat lifts might historically be categorized as a luxury, there are, in fact, a lot of practical reasons that make their installation an asset for boat owners. Boat lifts vary in their structures and features, ergo, depending on which one you choose, you’ll encounter different capabilities. At their most rudimentary, however, they still have many benefits including (but not limited to): 


Protection: Water is a corrosive agent, whether it’s salt or fresh. Even the most innovative boat builds with all the extra measures of protection are liable to experience wear and tear. Naturally, the longer you leave anything in the water, the more vulnerable it is to deterioration and the occurrence of algae and marine growth. Location will also dictate certain challenges like wind, waves, and electrolysis in salt water. A boat lift can give your vessel a safe place to be stored, where it won’t be exposed to extended storage periods in the water.


Convenience: There is always something to be said for convenience, and the ability to make your storage, cleaning, and maintenance process easier. The ability to hoist and lower your boat makes it that much easier to get your vessel on the water and ready for action. Ultimately, as your professional new construction and contractors Venice FL residents know we’re always looking to implement convenience. Boat lifts are particularly convenient, and they tend to sell themselves with how beneficial they are.


Time and Money Saving: If you need to store your boat on land or in another location away from your dock, you can spend a surprising amount of time in the transportation phase. On the contrary, a boat lift takes out the need for long-winded storage processes. Moreover, you can also save time (and money) on fuel costs and other expenses, if you have a marina where you drive your boat to and from. 


At S&H West Coast Inc, we have built and installed numerous boat lifts, and have seen firsthand their value for boat owners. Therefore, we can answer all types of questions regarding their function, price, and overall benefit. For certain projects, we can also incorporate several build components to bring you your own dock and boat lift. The design opportunities are endless, but we always factor in budget preferences with the knowledge that everyone has diverse needs. 


We Prioritize Legal Compliance and Cooperation 

Depending on where you are located in South Florida, you’ll likely be up against certain regulations. As a company that deals with ordinances, regulations, and permits on a consistent basis, we understand the importance of ensuring a build can be completed without risk or intervention from any outside agency. Thanks to our experience doing extensive contracting and construction work around South Florida, we are able to foresee and prepare for any potential roadblocks. We undergo the necessary preliminary work to ensure a seamless process for our boat lift and dock building Fort Myers FL projects. Regardless of location, we are acutely aware of all the necessary prep work that goes into providing you with the best experience possible. 


Having extended geographical knowledge also helps us make recommendations for your boat lift, as there are typically certain styles that gel well with specific environments. Whatever the case may be, our ultimate goal is to always provide the best solution possible for your specific needs. While our clients are always given the final say and sign-off, we seek to provide them with all the context and necessary information to make fully informed decisions. 

Getting Started

As with any of our projects and services, we can give the best information possible when we know more about your specific wants and needs. Every client is given our undivided attention during this process, with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing happiness at every turn. Contact us today to learn more about how our extensive process is implemented to ensure your highest satisfaction whether we’re building a boat lift or overseeing a kitchen remodel.