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Customized Floating Dock and Dock Building Fort Myers FL & Beyond

At S&H West Coast, we have brought our contracting expertise to the water! Here in Florida, clients of all types have delighted in our custom builds, that utilize all types of budgets and properties to render exceptional results. Our vast portfolio showcases an ability to work with spaces of all types, showcasing a master-class understanding of what it means to build a dock that is as visually appealing as it is structurally sound. 


Like any construction project, a lot goes into the building procedure. From start to finish, we follow a very strict procedure and checklist to verify that every necessary step and precaution has been taken when executing a dock build. Understanding how to build a proper dock also begins with understanding the local climate at hand. Water, especially ocean water, can be extremely unpredictable. Moreover, certain locations can pose more challenges than others. Fortunately, S&H has built docks and floating docks all across South Florida, dealing with various terrains, water types, and other important environmental factors. 


Our docks go through extensive treatment processes that occur all throughout the entirety of the build. These small but crucial details are what separate the great docks from the exceptional ones. Through years of trial and error and hands-on experience, we know exactly what to look for ahead of time, giving us the ability to save time and still produce top-quality results. 


Built to Endure and Thrive in the Most Challenging of Conditions

While certain docks are less trafficked than others, all docks share the challenge of being located in water. That is why our Bonita Springs FL new construction docks are built by utilizing the highest knowledge of underwater engineering. Over the years, we’ve created various popular prototypes that feature a multitude of dock and floating dock options. Clients can conveniently opt for one of our prior builds or, we can guide them through the process of complete customization, that allows for personalized flare, but doesn’t compromise security in the process. Many of our dock builds are used to anchor a boat, and as a part of our customization services, we can even build a dock that adheres perfectly to the dimensions of your boat. It’s these small but impactful design choices, that give each client the opportunity to have a completely personalized experience. 


We have long surveyed and studied the water of the areas that we work in, giving us a better understanding of how best to prolong the life of your dock. We take into consideration multiple factors including where you’re located, the type of water present, and the stability of the water levels. By taking these extra steps, we can make informed decisions and professional recommendations, that ensure you’ll get the most out of your investment. 


Despite the relatively close proximity of the west coast of Florida to the east coast, there can be some pretty significant changes in the makeup of the water depending on where you’re located. Moreover, we also consider the fact that some builds will be located in fresh-water versus salt water. Any professional floating dock builder should take these differences into consideration, and at S&H West Coast INC, that’s a crucial part of what we do. As your experienced dock building Naples FL crew, you won’t have to worry about these differences. As a part of our preliminary project planning, we’ve done all the necessary research to bolster success. 


S&H Guarantees Legally Compliant Floating Dock Builds 

What clients don’t often realize is there are all sorts of legal requirements and regulations that go into the dock-building process. They range from standard to specific, and in some instances, you will likely need a permit before being allowed to even put up any sort of structure. Frankly, many clients aren’t keenly aware of their specific limitations, which can result in unforeseen roadblocks or limitations. Luckily, we at S&H West Coast INC have built docks all across South Florida, dealing directly with all sorts of environmental agencies, community planning boards, and other regulatory organizations. Long before we ever break ground, you’ll know exactly what we’ve encountered in our pre-build stages, and how that translates to your dock.


Commercial Dock Builds 

While not abiding by rules and ordinances can be catastrophic for homeowners, it’s doubly important for our commercial clients to remain legally compliant at all times. With many rules and regulations to take care of, the entire process can feel overwhelming. Luckily, our clients know that we have them covered, preserving the integrity of their operation and ensuring they never brush up against issues. 


Whether your build is commercial or residential, we have the means to flawlessly fulfill all the necessary tasks at hand and leave you with a finished product that’s as visually appealing as it is structurally sound. Once we’ve established the necessary restrictions surrounding your build, we can create a personalized plan. 


The Outstanding Floating Dock Builder Fort Lauderdale Deserves

Each dock build is an opportunity to showcase our mastery of the art and provide clients with a suitable structure that hits all the proper marks visually and pragmatically. Like any of our projects, whether on land or sea, we take the extra time to make a detailed plan of action that accounts for budgeting, timelines, materials, prototypes, and any other important component of the build. S&H West Coast, proudly works for you, so that you can focus your time and attention on other valuable tasks. You’ll stay apprised and given real-time updates on your dock build, from start to finish. To learn more about how it all works, and to get more information specific to your needs, contact us today.