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South Florida’s Premier General Contractors

A Tradition Of Excellence Spearheaded By South Florida’s Premier General Contractors

Welcome to S&H West Coast INC, where impeccable craftsmanship meets modern innovation. Since our inception, we’ve provided families and businesses across South Florida with exceptional customer care. Moreover, we’ve brought intricate visions to life demonstrating mastery of both artistry and technical ability. We offer a wide range of general contracting services that focus on the pragmatic and visual improvement of your property. From Tarpon Springs to St Petersburg construction companies throughout Florida can’t compete with our refined industry acumen and reputation for exceptional customer service.

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Custom Projects

At S&H we are passionate about the work that we do, seeing each job as an opportunity to create something both useful and visually striking. We implement a business structure that focuses on integrating proven construction techniques with modern technology. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, we approach each job with the same level of focus and dedication. Collaborative by nature, we keep you informed throughout the entirety of the process, with real-time updates on milestones both major and minor. By keeping the lines of communication strong, we not only build trust and rapport with our clients but establish a working relationship where they feel comfortable addressing any concerns with us. 

S&H West Coast is located conveniently in Tarpon Springs, right outside of Tampa Bay. Despite our brick-and-mortar location, our team is equipped to handle jobs all across Southern Florida from the Tampa Bay to Venice and beyond. Regardless of where we are on the map, we always provide the same level of customer care and courtesy. With clients ranging from homeowners to business owners, we understand that everyone’s time is valuable, and our crew is committed to punctuality. As a company by Floridians for Floridians, we’re here to help all of our neighbors achieve the exact results they want, on a realistic yet competitive timeline. 

A Trusted Choice Amongst Construction and Roofing Companies Tampa

We spend a lot of time in people’s homes and businesses as guests and understand the importance of upholding a professional demeanor in all that we do. Many of the projects that we execute are advanced and require an extraordinary level of craftsmanship and immense attention to detail. As a result, we’ve built a company culture that prioritizes safety. The safety of you, your property, our workers, and all involved. Every S&H employee goes through an extensive hiring and vetting process to ensure we have a fully actualized team that can work quickly but with caution and restraint. 


We are a fully licensed and insured company, meaning that your greatest assets and hard-earned investments are protected at every measure. Should there ever be any issue, our team is prepared to work through it expeditiously and with transparency. Every member of our team has the experience necessary to deliver immaculate results, regardless of the task at hand. At S&H we also aim to build relationships with our clients, so that whenever they have a general contracting need, they know exactly who to call. All of our hard work begins with building a strong foundation, and for our team, that begins by instilling trust. Whether it’s answering your questions with affable candor or giving you realistic timelines and quotes, we do our part to establish trust from the first meeting onward. 

Fort Myers Bathroom Remodeling, Roofing, and More: A Quick Glance at all that we Offer.

There’s a lot that distinguishes S&H from our competitors, however, most notably we offer a wide range of services that make nearly any general contracting request easy to execute. Despite our comprehensive catalog of services, we have perfected each one demonstrating versatility. Over the years, we’ve had several return clients whom we’ve helped on a myriad of different projects. Further proving, that we provide the area’s most sought-after and trusted general contracting work. We are happy to discuss, at length, the nuances, and specifics of your project. On the rare occasion, we’re unable to execute a service, we also have a full list of local contractors and vendors who uphold the same dedication to quality as we at S&H do. 


Did you know that we work with architects and designers to produce the best possible outcomes? We not only consult but actively work with the experts in fields adjacent to ours, ensuring that our clients receive nothing short of world-class craftsmanship. With a constant emphasis on growth and improvement, we are always looking for ways to raise the bar. Below you will find a basic list of our services. Not sure where to start? We’re standing by eager to assist you. Here’s a short insight into all that we can provide:


General Contracting and Construction: A lot of our services fall under the umbrella of general contracting, meaning we are able to assist with a wide range of home improvement tasks encompassing everything from basic installations to massive add-ons and custom builds. We’re even prepared to take on projects that require new construction Fort Myers FL residents can rely on. Whatever the task at hand, we promise outstanding results that inspire both visually and pragmatically. Whatever we build, is built to endure thanks to our quality materials, cutting-edge equipment, and highly qualified contractors. 


Roofing: Structurally, a roof is one of the most integral components of a home or business. It protects against the elements, and when working properly, dispels water and other precipitation safely away from your property. Our roofing services are comprehensive, and our team knows how to execute new builds, installations, repairs, maintenance, and more. We assist both commercial and residential clients with all of their roofing needs, helping them decide the service that most suits their needs.


Remodels: Transform your current space with our outstanding remodeling services. With a wide-ranging portfolio that demonstrates competency in executing multiple styles and blueprints, we have the capability to revitalize even the most downtrodden of spaces. 

Marine Piling: Marine piling, often known as aqua piling, is imperative when building any sort of structure in a water predominant environment. Failure to provide proper marine piling can have catastrophic results for your intended project. Our technical and meticulous approach to marine piling ensures your project has the necessary foundation for any type of build. 


Boat Lifts & Floating Docks: In true Florida fashion, S&H works on all types of aquatic-based home improvement projects. Our boat lifts and floating docks are custom-made and personalized to effortlessly fit into your property’s anatomy and give you the strong base and foundation you need. With our expert Cape Coral dock builders residents, and others who live by the beach or near water access, can elevate their property with our custom-made builds. 


And More: S&H is proud to offer an extensive list of services that focus on improving your home or commercial property in every sense of the word. Not sure where to start? The process can be overwhelming, which is why it’s best left to the pros. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your dream project.

Quality rennovations! Excellent & honest customer service. Reliable, on time crews. General contractor for ALL of your commercial & residential needs! Thank you S&H!
There the best! No doubt about it.
Pete Gonzalez

Our Process- A Detailed Approach To Project Management

Every project looks a little different, yet our work ethic and approach remain the same. For every project, regardless of size and scope, we create a detailed project management plan that enables us to execute the task at hand as effectively and efficiently as possible. Not only do we discuss and outline an entire blueprint for your remodeling, restoration, or repair project, but we also take into consideration the specific needs of each client. Is the client commercial or residential? Will the space we’re working on be fully or partially occupied? How intricate is the project, and will it require multiple phases? By crafting a thorough project plan upfront, we can avoid common mistakes, schedule accordingly, provide accurate quotes and estimates, and begin any important preliminary work.
Regardless of size, renovation and remodeling-based projects can be especially challenging and taxing. As your chosen Clearwater contractor residents can trust that we’ll carry out all of the literal and figurative heavy liftings. Our goal is to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible, which we’ve found is often contingent on prioritizing direct communication and operating with integrity. Each project is given the proper attention and care needed to create a multi-faceted plan that integrates all components of the project including scheduling, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, collaboration with other vendors and contractors, and more.
As industry leaders, we understand the importance of implementing organization into everything that we do. By taking the extra time to attend to each client and their personal needs and concerns upfront, we can take the necessary steps to ensure preparation. After all, it’s the small but pertinent details that make the crucial difference between a good job and an exceptional one. Whether we’re helping you remodel or building a boat dock from scratch, anything that’s associated with S&H should look, feel, and perform at its very best. Anything that doesn’t exceed your expectations, is not meeting our standards. Everything that we produce is held to a high standard, and if for whatever reason we have not met that standard, we maintain a professional yet approachable demeanor so that clients feel comfortable articulating their concerns.

Why Choose Us? From Remodeling to Tampa Construction and Beyond 

There are a lot of general contractors in the state of Florida. In reality, many of them are good, and fewer are great, but none are truly exceptional like we are at S&H. Here are just a few of the many reasons why we believe that your next project should be handled by our team of professionals.


Interactive and Collaborative: Many of the projects that we work on, especially those that are intricate and detailed, are best executed when we work in a collaborative nature. That’s precisely why our team works alongside top-rated architects and designers, to bring you a finished project that is dynamic, original, and still expert-approved. Our products are as functional as they are beautiful and are designed to endure. We even offer our clients 3d custom modeling, giving them insight into the process at each interval.


Experienced and Accomplished: Our portfolio reflects wide-ranging expertise made possible by our team of true visionaries. Each team member has been vetted for experience, quality, and capability, ensuring that every project we oversee meets our high standards both visually and functionally. Our experience also enables us to take on even the most elaborate of tasks with relaxed professionalism, indicative of our unmatched skillset.


Locally Owned and Operated: S&H is a company by Floridians for Floridians, and as your neighbors we do whatever we possibly can to elevate your experience. Moreover, we intimately know and understand the landscape of Florida, which is imperative to providing authentic and well-rounded results. As South Florida’s trusted general contractor, we are prepared to travel to you as needed. So, whether you’re seeking experienced roofers St Petersburg FL or require a custom boat dock build in North Port, we’re here to support you through each step of the process. 


Customer-Service Focused: When you’re the best at what you do, it often becomes easy to lose sight of those who keep you in business. However, our goal at S&H has always been to create an experience that is just as focused on providing outstanding customer service as it is on showcasing elite craftsmanship. While incredible contracting work might initially pique the interest of clients, it’s always been our friendly yet professional approach that keeps clients coming back. 


Customized Results: Part of what keeps the process interesting for our team, is being able to bring to life the visions of our clients. While many projects are similar, no two are the same, and we accommodate the unique requests of each client by infusing their personal style and needs into our final results. 


And More: Ultimately, there are a lot of reasons why we urge you to work with our team of talented contractors. To learn more about our business, feel free to call or contact us at your convenience. We look forward to showing you how we became South Florida’s premier general contracting and construction provider.